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About Us

Estania Music Productions is Your online Mixing and Mastering facility located in the beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada offering state-of- the- art recording, mixing and mastering equipment in a comfortable working environment.

Estania dares to dream – to dream of bringing the best ideas and talent in music, audio production from wherever it exists in the world.

Estania maintains a policy of supporting independent artists, and strives to satisfy every client by providing enthusiastic workmanship through it’s fully functional Analog/Digital recording studio. The studio is fully aware of budget constraints and has worked hard to make it affordable.

With projects ranging from music for toddlers sing-along tapes to sound design, the staff at Estania have the experience to handle any challenge. We have recorded and mixed styles ranging from rock to classical, gospel to jazz, reggae to hip-hop, country and simple narration. In terms of post-production, we’ve worked on projects like movies, commercials, industrial and corporate video… all where phase-accurate sync is the only standard.

We are always keeping up with latest hardware and software equipment available on the market. In our daily work we use high quality products of such well known companies as Avid, Focusritre, Presonus, Lexicon, M-Audio, Yamaha, Line 6, Sennheiser, Rode, Shure, Waves, iZotope, Sonnox, Fabfilter, Voxengo and many others .

In an effort to achieve the highest production standards. Estania can access talented studio musicians, vocalists and arrangers. Assistance with CD manufacturing, artwork and photography is also available. With competitive prices, years of experience in audio engineering and music production Estania has become a fast growing company and well known in the audio recording, mixing and mastering industry. View our client list.

Love It or Your Money Back!

Our focus is on providing great sound and great music to independent artists and production companies worldwide. We offer the best online mixing and mastering service out there and we prove it every day with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Find more