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Mixing is, first of all, a creative process being made by fusion of mind and impression. Before we touch the faders we’ll carefully listen to your song to get the feeling of it’s sound and only after audition mixing process will begin. We’ll take care of each track in a way that ensures ideal…
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Sound Design

Sound Design

Our talent ranges across various media formats, from lifelike audio design for feature film, to exaggerated fantasy in the genre of animation and video games, to quiet subtle mixes for fiction short films, we are able to adapt efficiently to the need of the product.
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Mastering is the final step of music production which makes “just good” song sound great. It is a sophisticated touch that brings warmth, character and sound balance to the song. When we receive your audio, tracks will be analyzed by an experienced mastering engineer.
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We Are Dedicated To Your Music & It Shows!

We deliver industry quality Mixing, Sound Design and Mstering, 24/7 customer service and the easiest and fastest experience around at an affordable price.

Why choose us?

  • We have the experience and creativity to bring your mix to the level it deserves.
  • We’re a completely transparent company with no hidden fees.
  • We deliver results with great labor every time.
  • We listen to our client feedback and shape our project accordingly.
  • Affordable, Payments Plan and Money Back Guarantee!

We strive for a consistent approach that puts your songs first…

Our services are very flexible for all kinds of artists, whether you are self-funded musician, a band, label or a pro. Hope your first experience with us will be a beginning of permanent, productive partnership.
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It’s all about YOUR music!

The studio is fully aware of budget constraints and has priced the room competitively to make it affordable. In an effort to achieve the highest production standards, estania can access talented studio musicians, vocalists and arrangers. With competitive prices, years of experience in audio engineering and music production Estania has become a fast growing company and well known in the audio recording industry.

“Over the years, Estania has developed into the perfect blend between advanced technology and laid back comfort which is essential in capturing the creative energy of any artistic project.”  — John Eita
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Our focus is on providing great sound and great music to independent artists and production companies worldwide. We offer the best online mixing and mastering service out there and we prove it every day with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Find more